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Product photos

The brief:

Over the years, I have worked with clients from different countries on photo processing and preparation for online publication on portals for the sale of consumer goods, specialized sites, etc. Here you will meet a couple of photoshop product e-commerce photos.

01 Photo retouching and cleaning

I work on basic photo retouching, improving colors, removing inky shadows, and fixing white balance. The primary goal of that work is to give your product a professional look.

Villager original photo Before
Villager finale photo After

02 Recoloring elements

Very often, clients have one product in several colors. So, instead of taking photos for each product, I offer recoloring services.

poshmar products original photo Before
poshmar After

03 Adding shadows & reflections

Shadows have a significant impact on the perspective of the product. It is essential to create a realistic look, which involves fixing shadows. Another necessary adjustment is reflection.

Fasnionette original photo Before
Fasnionette finale photo After

04 Liquifying and fixing symmetry

The liquifying technique allows the pushing or pulling of specific pixels without losing quality. Making a great product is crucial to having a good product angle and symmetry.

Hepsiburada Before
Hepsiburada finale photo After

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